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Small Sided Games

Coastal Outreach Soccer Academy Program will allow COS to place emphasis on total player development, for players 4 to 11 years old, and not on individual game outcomes.  COS will benefit from small sided game because of the learning environment it creates for coaches, referees, parents and players.


  • COS academy program is an in-house program with games being played on Saturday
  • Playing format:  3 V 3 and 4 v 4
  • More touches with the ball
  • Every players is engaged during the game
  • Develop players attacking, defending and transition skills in a relax environment 
  • Coaches do not have to worried about 11 V 11 tactics and rules
  • No league champions


The Small Sided game is a great way to attract 1st generation parents to the game of soccer.  Parents who are new to soccer have to  devote a lot of time to learn 11 V 11 concepts which can prevent them form letting the children participate.  The 1st  generation parents are not watching high school, college, or professional games.  1st generation parents  in general would not be interested in learning about the tactics of the 11 V 11 game. They  may be disconnected from the  game because of the lack of opportunities their child  has  to be interactive in a game.  1st generation parents can become excited by small sided games because of the limited number of players on the pitch and they see their child is engaged in the game.  They are not sitting waiting to see when their child will be involved in the play of  game.  They know their child will have lots of opportunity to be involved in all aspects of a small sided game.  1st generation parents don't have to know all the laws of the game to appreciate the game since the rules are modified for small sided games.  1st generation parents are presented an opportunity to grow with their child and learn the game of soccer with ease.