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Our Time

The Our Time program is COS effort to keep girls invovled in physical fitness, cultural enrichment, and empowerment activities.  Girls who are from urban communities stop participating in physical fitness activities at higher rate then girls from other communities as they become teenagers.

Reason for Sports Dropout

  • With adolescence comes a greater desire for cooperation and connectedness over competition
  • Girls are less tolerant of poor sports behavior than boys
  • Teenage girls experience a crisis of confidence
  • Poor coaching
  • Teenage girls still think sports are unfeminine
  • Girls sometimes don't receive the support they need from their family


COS will continue to educate players, parents, coaches, community stakeholder about factors to make
sure that COS has a strong support system in place for girls at all levels of COS programs.


  • Girls only teams
  • Women Mentors
  • Women Summer Guest Speakers
  • International Girls Club Friendly Games