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At Coastal Outreach Soccer (COS), we know that working together creates amazing opportunities. Whether you’re a community group, sports club, or educational institution, partnering with us opens doors to exciting projects and shared experiences. Together, we can inspire and empower the next generation.

Our Collaborations

We’re proud to have collaborated with a range of incredible organizations.

    2016: Darius Slay Jr. partnered with Coastal Outreach Soccer to launch social initiatives in physical fitness, education, and community service.

    2018: COS opened The Big Play Center of Excellence, a free 1500 sq. ft. after-school and summer program for middle and high school students.

    Breakfast of Champions: Darius’s annual event raises funds for COS programs, significantly expanding their reach.

    2015: Morgan Brian, two-time FIFA Women’s World Cup Champion, joined COS at the OUR TIME girls winter camp, supporting girls aged 8 to 18 in soccer, arts, and more.

    2019: After her World Cup win, Morgan was the special guest at COS’s “Here Comes The Champ” fundraising event.

    Pandemic: Morgan participated in COS’s “Stay Active Challenge,” encouraging youth to remain active during COVID-19.

    Allana in Morgan’s Corner

    Big Play Slay Soccer Camps

    Big Play Slay Soccer Camp

    Big Play Slay Academic All American Luncheon

    Big Play Slay Academic All American Luncheon

    Big Play Slay Academic All American Luncheon

    COS Breakfast of Champions

    COS Breakfast of Champions

    COS Breakfast of Champions

    Big Play Slay Student Athlete of the Year Award

    Big Play Center of Excellence

      With US

      Are you interested in joining forces with COS to make a difference? Here’s how you can get involved:

      Reach Out

      Contact us to discuss potential collaboration ideas and how we can work together.


      Work with our team to develop and plan initiatives that align with our mission and your goals.


      Launch and execute the collaborative projects, bringing our combined vision to life.